Prof. (Mrs) M.Mala, M.A., M.Phill

Chairperson & Managing Trustee,

Tagore Educational Trust.

Managing Trustee and Chairperson

It was the vision from The Lord Ganesh to uplift the socially, economically and educationally challenged people in general and youth in particular. That vision became my mission to “liberate people from ignorance”. The only way to achieve this is through education.


Success Depends On Inspiration And Perspiration


Prof M Mala is a dynamic, cheerful and hard working person. In recognition of her services, she was honoured with the “Best Women Edupreneur 2015” award by ICT Academy of Tamilnadu on 21.03.2015 and “Asia’s Greatest Leader 2018” award and Asia’s Greatest Brands and Leaders on 21.01.2019.